Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Exercise - Focal lengths and different viewpoints

Subject - Apartment building

For this exercise I was required to take two photographs of the same subject, the first from distance using a telephoto lens, the second from close-up using a wide-angle lens.  The purpose is to highlight the change in perspective different lenses can produce.  I chose to photograph this apartment building from an angle so that the wide-angle shot would highlight the depth in the image compared to the other image i took from across the street using a longer focal length.

Left - focal length 53mm, Right - focal length 16mm
I think these images have demonstrated this effect quite well.  While they fill roughly the same space in the frame and are taken from similar angles, they are completely different images.  The first at 53mm is as you would expect, quite flat and lifeless, however, the verticals are straight and true so in that sense it as a correct reproduction of the actual building.  It is difficult to gauge distances within the image, such as from the fence to the building or the tree. The image at 16mm demonstrates massive converging lines - the building appears to be falling over backwards - due to the angle of the lens pointing above the horizon.  There is much more of a feeling of depth, life and vibrancy to the image with the distances being exaggerated due to the wide-angle lens.  The front wall of the building has been transformed into a wedge shape whereas before it was an almost regular rectangle.   I find wide-angle image much more interesting, even if it is falling over backwards.

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